High Efficiency Low Cost Full Automatic Turkey Fruit Processing Machinery Drink Processing Machinery

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High Efficiency Low Cost Full Automatic Turkey Fruit Processing Machinery Drink Processing Machinery
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Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms
Showroom Location: Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: PLC, Pressure vessel, Pump
Condition: New
Voltage: 380v 50hz
Power: 36kw
Weight: 605 KG
Dimension(L*W*H): Special
Warranty: 12 months
Key Selling Points: Long Service Life
Name: Beverage processing machinery
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
turnkey project: whole line
Processing Types: Milk
Advantage: Easy Operation High Efficiency
Usage: Diary Product
Feature: High Efficiency Low Cost
Processing: Complete Turnkey Project
Control type: Automatic Control
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Packaging Details: 1.the equipments will be firstly wrapped by plastic film. 2.the we will make stainless steel supporter with styrofoam on it under the equipments. 3.and last the equipments will be put in wood crates.
Supply Ability: 10 Unit/Units per Month Days
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Turkey fruit processing machinery  full automatic beverage processing machinery

Juice,Tea,Dairy Beverage Processing Line Description

With the development of society and the continuous progress of nutritional science research,human beings are increasingly conncerned about their own health.The purpose of consumers drinking beverages is no longer limited to quenching thirst.The promotion of physical health,the improvement of quality of life and the release of physical and mental stress have become people's new expectations for beverage

products.Natueal,green,healthy and environmentally friendly plant beverages have become the new favorites in the beverage industry.Plant beverages are the third generation of beverages after carbonated beverages and fruit and vegetable juice beverages,and are the trends in the development of the beverage market.



Description of tea beverage processing plant

this tea beverage production line produce several types of tea beverage, i.e. black tea, green tea, Herbal tea and so on.


This tea beverage production line raw milk can be tea leaves or tea powder or tea concentrate, sugar, stabilizer and flavors etc. the procedure method can be blending-UHT sterilizer-homogenizer-hot filling- cooling tunnel- pacakge and so on.

End product package of this  tea beverage production line can be plastic pouches, plastic cups, plastic bottles, glass bottles, roof top box, pre-pak pouches , Tetra pak etc. for this fruit juice production line according to different end product and package type, the production technology is differently designed, but commonly include the following steps:


Equipment and price list for output 2.5T/H tea processing line
No. Flow No. Name Model Main technical parameter QTY Manufacturer
1 A     Extracting unit    
2 A-1         Extracting tank 1000L SUS304,jacket, pearlite insulation, breath valve, CIP washing ball, water inlet, feeding man hole,defoaming mouth, with near switch, stainless steel mesh, Pneumatic locking device,air cylinder use the brand of AirTAC,Shanghai YuAn vales, digital thermometer,Jumo temperature sensor 3 BEYOND
3 Rotating joint DN32 SUS304,can endure high-temperature 3 BEYOND
4 Temperature sensor PT100  SUS304,4-20mA signal output,length 100mm 3 BEYOND
5 magnetism sensor switch   Equip with extracting tank air cylinder 12 BEYOND
6 A-2 Centrifugal pump 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 24 meters lift, mechanical seal 3 BEYOND
7 A-3 Tubular heater 3T/H SUS304, tubular type, steam heating directly,PTFE sealing,withstand voltage 0.8mpa, Δt=20 degree  3 BEYOND
8 A-4 Steam control system   DN40 SpiraxSarco pressure reducing valve, DN25 steam regulating valve, DN15 SpiraxSarco drain valve, Jumo temperature sensor, Domestic well-known brands instrumentation 3 BEYOND
9 A-5 Twin  barrel filter 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 80M,twin tubes 3 BEYOND
10 A-6 Centrifugal pump 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 36 meters head of delivery, mechanical seal 1 BEYOND
11 A-7 Twin  barrel filter 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 150M,twin tubes 1 BEYOND
12 A-8 Twin  barrel filter 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 200M,twin tubes 1 BEYOND
13 A-9 Palte cooler 3T/H SUS304,  plate Proof Pressure 0.8MPa,60-20℃ 1 BEYOND
14 A-10 Operating platform    stainless steel  pattern plate, handrail, ladder, centralized drainage,size 5000*4000*3000mm 1 BEYOND
15   Subtotal         
16 B     Blending unit    
17 B-1 Temporary storage tank 2000L SUS304 stainless steel, single layer,off-center agitator, 36 rpm, airtight manhole, digital display thermometer, CIP cleaning ball, adjustable legs,  sample valve 3 BEYOND
18 B-2 Centrifugal pump 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 24 meters lift, mechanical seal 2 BEYOND
19 B-3 Seperator 3T/H Two phase seperation, auto residue discharge, with stainless steel control box 1 BEYOND
20 B-4 Twin  barrel filter 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 10u,twin tubes 1 BEYOND
21 B-5 Twin  barrel filter 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 5u,twin tubes 1 BEYOND
22 B-6 Twin  barrel filter 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 5u,twin tubes 1 BEYOND
23   Subtotal         
24 C Sterilizing and filling unit        
25 C-1 Tubular sterilizer Q=2.5T/h Material: SUS 304 tubular type, Sterilization temperature range: 40--125(15S)(sterilization)--88℃(hot filling) Spirax sarco steam pressure relief and regulating valve system, steam trap, Germany Jumo temperature sensor. Germany Burkert tower water regulator, GEA/APV pneumatic valve, paperless temperature recorder,Siemens PLC touch screen control, with self CIP cleaning system  1 BEYOND
26 C-2 Vacuum degasser Q=2.5T/h SUS304, differential pressure transducer, water circulation type vacuum pump, working vacuum degree-0.08MPa, vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump, frequency converted control 1 BEYOND
27 C-3 PET bottle filling machine Q=75000B/h 280ml/b, 7500B/h, tilt bottle sterilizing, spray cooling tunnel, conveyor chain, with ink jet date coder, dryer, labeling machine, shrink labeling machine, shrink film wrapping machine, carton packing machine, etc 1 BY CLIENT
28   Subtotal        
29 D Hot water unit        
30 D-1 Hot water tank V=3000L  SUS304, 60mm PU heat preservation, top and bottom 15° conical head, airtight manhole, respiration valve, the digital display thermometer, overflow tube, anti-vortex plate, pure water inlet, hot water reflux nozzel, glass tube indicator, ball float type sensor of high,middle, low level, bottom discharge valve with pull rod, adjustable legs, ladder 1 BEYOND
31 D-2 Centrifugal pump Q=5T/h SUS304, lift 24 meters, mechanical seal 1 BEYOND
32 D-3 Palte heater Q=5T/h SUS304, steam heating directly, plate Proof Pressure 8kg,60-95℃ 1 BEYOND
33 D-4 Temperature control system   UK Spirax sarco reducing valve, trap system, Chinese famous brand stop valve, steam instrument 1 BEYOND
34   Subtotal         
35 E  CIP unit        
36 E CIP system 3*2000L Three tanks, single circulation, Semi-auto CIP, double layers insulation tank, tank material SUS304 stainless steel,acid&alkali tank with stirrer, high&Low liquid level alarm system, Spirax Sarco temperature auto control, JUMO temperature sensor, Shanghai YUAN brand progress pump 1 pieces, 10T/H, pumping lift 36M,100L concentrated acid & alkali tank , The USA imported pneumatic diaphragm pump two pieces.  1 BEYOND
37 R CIP return pump 20T/H SUS316L, 24m lift, mechanical seal, ABB motor 2 BEYOND
38   Subtotal         



 Plant beverage refining and extraction machine
Refining and extraction are very important steps in the processing of plant beverages.For raw materials that requir refining(grain beverages),the amount of water added during refining is 75%-80% of the total water content of the blended beverage,and two stage grinding is used when refining for pulp(coarse grinding and fine grinding),the particle diameter after coarse grinding is greater than 80 mesh,and after fine grinding,the particle diameter is greater than 120 mesh.

Plant beverage blending and formulation tank
The sugar-acid ratio directly affects the taste of the beverage.The appropriate sugar-acid ratio is 13.1-15.1.Generally,white sugar is used as a sweetener,citric acid is used as a sour agent,and which is also has a certain preservative effect.As an antioxidant,vitamin C is not only a nutrient needed by the human body,but also has an antioxidant function.In addition,adding different flavors and pigments can not only make different beverages,but also improve the appearance of the product.

Plant beverage clarification and homogenization
Due to the need for clarified and transparent juice,some plant beverages requir clarification during the production process to remove suspended solids in the juice.Usaually need to use a centrifuge to clarify.

Plant beverage sterilizing and filling
According to the composition characteristics of plant beverages,different sterilization processes can be used,generally high-temperature short-term sterilization or ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization process is adopted.The homogenized material is sealed and filled,and sterilized at 121℃ and pressure 2kpa for 15-20min.For heat-sensitive and nutrient-containing plant beverages,they can be filled into containers after sterilization at 130-140℃ and 3-4S.


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1 ) Q: How can we visit your factory?
A: If you come from abroad, air to shanghai airport, then we can pick you up at airport.


2) Q: How do you ensure the quality of your products?
A: Our Company is a state owned enterprise with more than 16 years experience , strict operation policy is performed, advanced processing machines guarangtee the precision of all components, workers with operation license, parts get multiprocessing, transmission& electrical parts are of international famous brand. Series of test and inspection are done in the whole producing state.


3) Q: What payment methods your company accept?
A: We accept most of the payment methods , but mainly accept T/T, L/C at sight .


4) Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?
A: Our officially promised warranty time is 12 months after commissioning .


5) Q: I am new in this field,can you supply us turnkey services?
A: YES.We can supply all the system including Market Analysis/Product Analysis/Location Choice/Processing Flow Design/Equipment Layout Design/Building Design direction/Equipment mode selection/Equipment Manufacturing/Equipment Mounting/Equipment Debugging/Worker Training.

6) Q: I haven't done business with you company before, how can I trust your company ?
A: Our company has been in Alibaba.com for 14 years, which is longer than most of our fellow suppliers, we have been golden suppliers for years. What ' s more, we have got quite a lot authority certificates, for example, CE, ISO9001, Alibaba onsite check certificate.


7) Q: What ' s the shipment terms and delivery time of your company?
A: Well, the delivery time depend on the quantity of your order. Usually is 20 days . For some customized machine 30 days is necessary.


8) Q: Can you supply OEM services?
A: Yes,we have our R&D team,and we have more than 400 workers with workshop area 75000 square meters.


9) Q: Do you give any Discount?
A: I will surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.


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